you win a few, you lose a few

An expression of consolation or resignation of American origin, also frequently found in the form you win some, you lose some. See also the next entry (you can’t win them all). Cf. 1897 R. KIPLING Captains Courageous x. ‘Thirty million dollars’ worth of mistake, wasn’t it? I’d risk it for that.’ ‘I lost some; and I gained some.’

1966 P. O. DONNELL Sabre-Tooth XIV. You win a few, you lose a few, and it’s no good getting sore.

1976 Times 23 Nov. 14 You look like being saddled with the uninspiring Willy... On the other hand, you seem to have got your way over Mrs. Thatcher’s nominee... You win some, you lose some.

1998 Oldie Jan. 32/3 Ah well, as they say in the Silver Ring, win a few, lose a few.

2001 National Review 19 Nov. 6 At a big Madison Square Garden event, Hillary was booed, Bill was cheered. Win some, lose some.

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